The Secure Solution
Drone Management Software

Save Time and Money
  • Integrates Latest FAA and State Drone Laws, Seamlessly
  • Streamlines Workflows Into One Management Platform
  • Built in Industry Best Practices
  • Scales to Match Business Growth – Affordably
Fly Safely
  • Guides Systematic Risk Assessment – Step-By-Step
  • Provides Current Airspace Data with Interactive Map
  • Communicates Equipment Status and Serviceability
  • Enhances Situational Awareness Through Planning Tools
Stay Out of Trouble
  • Simplifies FAA and State UAV Regs via Up-To-Date Planning Checklists
  • Helps Ensure FAA Reporting is on Time and Accurate
  • Proves Compliance with a Thorough Record of Activity
Be Professional
  • Showcases a Record of Safe Flights and Team Credentials
  • Provides Proof of Process – Share with Clients and Insurance Providers
  • Delivers Important Industry and Regulatory Updates
Are you FAA and State Compliant?
Let our Veteran Owned and Family Operated Business help you and your team stay on top of the FAA and State Regulatory changes!

Secure Solution Features


Your password protected site is used for planning missions, storing important operational info, managing equipment and crew, as well as preserving the data that demonstrates compliance for regulatory agencies. Simultaneously, set your business up for advantageous UAV insurance rates with detailed flight training records, equipment tracking and maintenance, flight logs, and a method of keeping operating documents organized and accessible. The Vault contains these diverse features to enhance your business:


* A suite of online tools to plan, prepare, execute, and document missions on any device.

* Documented compliance checklists for those operating under Section 333 Exemptions and/or Part 107.

* Comprehensive airspace map. Confidently plan your missions with up-to-date data on TFRs and controlled airspace; plot and store your flight boundary or path.

* Mission tracking calendar for quick reference of future and past flights.

* Real time data capture that facilitates FAA compliance and reporting; quickly access the information for monthly reports whenever you need it.

* Enhanced situational awareness and safety focused operating procedure that results from our methodical planning process.

* Streamline organizational management by assigning jobs and specific tasks to crew members.

* Secure storage and remote back-up of all pertinent information such as planning activities, operating documents, checklists, and other relevant flight info.

* Ability to efficiently search and sort your records on-line, 24/7.


Mission Map



* Ensure top notch performance from your gear! Keep detailed historical records of all UAS equipment and associated maintenance. This includes data for UAVs, batteries, payloads, components/spare parts, and devices.


* Easily store and update important crew information like training logs, certifications, and assigned jobs.


In addition to the Vault, we offer a quick and easy way to stay informed of the most important developments in the UAS industry. We call it the Compass!

* Always stay on top of the latest developments including federal and state regulations, game changing technology, and other relevant UAS news. We monitor the industry, sort it all out and send the most important information to you - keeping you on course.


We offer an incredibly flexible introductory pricing structure that gives you complete scalability based on your productivity each month. This one of a kind offer is designed to save you money by being directly correlated to your business’s success. Here’s how it works:

Purchase tokens as currency for accessing the Secure Solution and activating UAS in your virtual hangar. Each token is $15.00 with custom pricing available after purchasing 6 or more tokens.

* $15.00: Receive basic access to the Secure Solution Suite (1 token)

* $15.00: Each activated UAS with full Secure Solution access (2-5 tokens)

* Custom pricing available for 6+ active UAS per month (7+ tokens)

For only $15.00 each month, get basic access to the Secure Solution Suite. Full access is enabled after purchasing a second token for your first activated UAS. After initial access, each token creates a space in your virtual hangar for one drone in your fleet, which is valid for a given monthly billing cycle. Use credited UAS in documented missions. Scale the number of drones in your virtual hangar to match your business needs. This pricing structure allows you to activate only the UAS you need on a monthly basis.

Our scalable pricing gives you control over cost based on productivity without losing access to important data like mission records, equipment logs, and crew management. Check out our pricing table to find which package works best for you!

First subscription for new customers guarantees package price for one year. There is NO cap on the number of missions per UAS, NO contracts, NO extra charge per user, and NO costly startup fee!


Click here to start a Zero Risk FREE TRIAL NOW!
Register and recieve the following:

Full Toolset

Drone Management Software for one month:
-Equipment Logger including batteries, props, etc.
-Unique FAA and State compliant wizard!
-Mission/Flight Logger
-Airspace Map
-Crew Manager


-Activate one UAS/Drone for free in your fleet
-Monitor Missions going well or roadblocked
-An unlimited number of Crew to collaborate
-Ability to see all Crew updates

Automatic New Releases

-Constant FAA updates to our database
-State updates included automatically based on location!
-Let us ensure you stay compliant
-Updates based on your feedback

End-to-end Mission Management

-View airspace regulations using interactive map
-Plan, prepare and execute in one easy to use platform
-Integrated risk assessment for safe flights
-Assign equipment and crew to missions
-Built-in FAA and State law compliance
-Browse completed missions

Meet the Team!

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Alex Hladkyj

After graduating from UCCS with a degree in Leadership Communications, Alex has quickly shown the ability to work on complex projects in a variety of fields including sales and environmental work. His passion for sustainability and helping others motivates him to serve UAS operators as they improve our world through seemingly endless applications. His ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds gives UASecure a personable approach to creating long lasting relationships with those in the UAS business.

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George Lita

George is a seasoned IT project, purchasing, and contracts manager with significant experience developing innovative customer-facing systems for both government and commercial sectors. His attention to detail gives UASecure a sharp eye while identifying trends and anticipating new developments.

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YR Hladkyj

UASecure all started with Y.R.’s interest in an emerging industry and a desire to see it grow. As a retired brigadier general, he has 34 plus years of experience in mission planning, execution, and continuous improvement in sometimes ambiguous situations. This invaluable skill set has contributed immensely to UASecure’s comprehensive strategy, especially when it comes to important UAS job planning nuances like risk assessment, site reconnaissance, and situational awareness. His law degree and experience as a corporate attorney gives our team a firm understanding of the complex UAS regulatory landscape. His two careers provide the skills that result in an innovative approach to documented compliance.

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Zach Vorwaller

Zach is an accomplished software engineer and successful entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in developing web applications. He is consistently recognized as an invaluable talent when taking on challenging technology based projects. With these abilities, Zach has proven to be a critical member of UASecure by bringing YR’s vision to life through an effective, dynamic, and user friendly web application.

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